The Dunbars

I got to spend some time with this beautiful family as they welcomed their new daughter to the world. Indie Rae Dunbar is just the cutest little cherub and she is absolutely adored by her parents and her big sister, Raven. Seeing the two girls together definitely got me broody all over again! Indie_0001 Indie_0002 Indie_0003 Indie_0004 Indie_0005 Indie_0006 Indie_0007 Indie_0008 Indie_0009 Indie_0010 Indie_0011 Indie_0012 Indie_0013 Indie_0014 Indie_0015 Indie_0016 Indie_0017 Indie_0018 Indie_0019 Indie_0020 Indie_0021 Indie_0022 Indie_0023 Indie_0024