Lara Croft’s Laser Tag Bachelorette Party

Now this was our kind of Bachelorette Party… Girls with Guns! I tagged along (excuse the pun) with the Hotstuff Marketing Crew to Kerry’s (aka Lara Croft) super fun Laser Tag Hens Party, I couldn’t resist snapping a few action shots. Seriously too much fun! A Piñata filled with underwear, Camo, Army Boots, Guns and the best part… no boys allowed!

(No woman were harmed in these making of these images).

Kerry Laser Tag1 Kerry Laser Tag2 Kerry Laser Tag4 Kerry Laser Tag3Kerry Laser Tag30Kerry Laser Tag29Kerry Laser Tag28Kerry Laser Tag27Kerry Laser Tag26Kerry Laser Tag25Kerry Laser Tag24Kerry Laser Tag23Kerry Laser Tag22Kerry Laser Tag21Kerry Laser Tag20Kerry Laser Tag19Kerry Laser Tag18Kerry Laser Tag17Kerry Laser Tag16Kerry Laser Tag15Kerry Laser Tag14Kerry Laser Tag13Kerry Laser Tag12Kerry Laser Tag11Kerry Laser Tag10Kerry Laser Tag9Kerry Laser Tag8Kerry Laser Tag7Kerry Laser Tag6Kerry Laser Tag5