Dom & Steph

Dom and Steph got married at Steph’s parents farm in Swaziland, in October 2014. We were lucky enough to shoot photography and video at this wedding. We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we left Durbs on our road trip to Swaziland. We were Swaziland virgins and… my oh my were we in for a TREAT! We arrived to a very misty and wet Swaziland and were met by Steph, Dom and their amazingly welcoming family and friends. Its pretty tough to find suppliers in the area and Steph’s family spent months pretty much DIY’ing every aspect of the wedding. The weather behaved and in the end everything looked truly gorgeous! This wedding has a very special place in our hearts and memories, a magical forest ceremony, the many furry friends that we met (especially Bubbles), Litchi Mampoor, Delicous Chocolate Brownies, an unbelievable PARTY and last but certainly not least, this incredible couple and their ‘posse’, some truly awesome humans and new friends… Swaziland we love you!


Please set to HD for best quality playback. 


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