Melissa & Keenan

“I am an African not because I was born there, but because my heart beats with Africa’s… I am an African for her blue skies take my breath away and my hope for the future is bright… I am an African for her wildness quenches my spirit and brings me closer to the source of life. When the music of Africa beats in the wind, my blood pulses to its rhythm and I become the essence of sound. When the colours of Africa dazzle in the sun my senses drink in its rainbow and I become the palette of nature.” – Wayne Visser

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Melissa & Keenan are two pretty smart peeps, they first met on a work adventure collecting ‘zebra data’. Since then have spent their days collecting samples and analysing an assortment elephant saliva and buck dung. From the moment we met these two incredible humans, we were instantly friends. There is something quite infectious and inspiring with the love that these two share. A romance that started in the bush was made official in the bush… It was truly fitting that these two chose the gorgeous Bonamanzi in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal as their wedding venue. This wedding was truly magical… Melissa’s family and friends travelled all the way from America to be with her on her wedding. It was wonderful to see these two families become one in an absolutely glorious African setting. We shot this wedding alongside the amazing Fiona Clair Photography, we always love working with Fi. There is never a dull moment when she is around we almost lost her to a highly venomous Cobra during the couple shoot, although I think Wes was in his element, he freakishly loves snakes. From the American ladies drinking Black Labels, Melissa’s Hiking Shoes, Dad’s fist pump to Keenan, Fi and the cobra, Granny busting a move and everything in between… this wedding was Unbelievable!

Moanatea, we<3 you guys!