NIVEA Cocoa Butter Mall Campaign

The Shank Tank is super excited to be involved in this experiential marketing activation with NIVEA Cocoa ButterHotstuff Marketing and Gloo Advertising, South Africa. Now consumers can star in their own TV commercial, just like this awesome lady… Cynthia!

In addition to a branded mall stand and Win & Spin setup, a Green Screen and lighting is set up in the mall court. Consumers can stand in front of the screen and do a 30 second dance to the theme song from the NIVEA advert. Our editors recreate these videos to make it look like you are starring in your very own NIVEA TV commercial. The video URL links are then SMSed to consumers who can view and share their ads online. The campaign takes places at various malls throughout South Africa.


To view fun videos from this campaign then please CLICK HERE.