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We are husband and wife team, Wes and Stacey Cruickshanks.

Our love story doesn’t include white doves and rose petals… we met at Tiger Tiger in 2005 at a buy one get one free drinks special. It was epic. We fell in love over a Jet Fuel shooter and the rest is pretty much history. We got married in 2012 with a small wedding ceremony in Mozambique. We started the The Shank Tank officially in 2014 when we were sick of the corporate grind and decided to give it a bash before life got too serious. We have grown up a lot since then, we’ve become parents and are doing our best to fake it through this thing called adulting.

We absolutely love life from behind the lens. We both do this full time and love everything about our crazy adventures. Most of our weekends are spent capturing love stories and during the week we specialise in creating unique and creative content for brands.

If you would like to get in touch to find out more info on what we offer then please hit us up on our contact page